I am Marcos Ingaldi

Solution architect,Software architect,Business Analyst,Web developer,Microservice specialist

Name: Marcos Ingaldi

Profile: Solution Architect

Email: znepbf@vatnyqv.pbz

Phone: (+96) 210 319 065


Serverless architectures 90%
Archimate 85%
AWS 93%
Microservices architectures 90%
About me

Hi I'm Marcos, a lucky fellow. Yes, I'm lucky because I was born in the 70s and was part of the generation that first had access to PCs. And even if my first touch with a computer was thanks to video games, I had soon developed a fascination with the software and programming ever since.

My studies span from foreign languages, to Italian literature, psychology and philosophy. But unfortunately, due to family issues, I had to drop studies. That didn't stop my passion and curiosity, though: I taught myself Lotus Notes code while in university, someone believed in me and so, almost by chance, I made this my job. Currently, I have been employed for over twenty years in the software industry and, since a couple, have moved up to the Architect position, after enjoying my time as developer and tech lead for more than 15 years.


This is a brief summary of my most recent professional experiences.
More details can be found in the complet resume you can download in this section.

Professional experience

Solution architect

2020.06 - Present

Alpiq AG, Olten, Switzerland

My primary responsibilities are to establish and maintain an architectural vision, provide architecture support and guidance to technology and IT activities in line with said vision, drive the shift towards a simplified, microservices architecture and the reuse of assets and services and to pursue the changes required to achieve business and technology.

Software architect

2016.01 - 2020.06

EF Education First, Zurich, Switzerland

I mainly work on designing software based on the best patterns and practices, provide architecture support and guidance to developers, interact with stakeholders and developers in order to envision, model and provide initial models and designs that can be built. The position includes collaborative working with the development team, providing mentoring as required. I help migrationg towards serverless microservices architectures, pursuing the requirements to achieve business and technology goals.

Tech lead

2014.08 - 2016.01

EF Education First, Zurich, Switzerland

It’s part of the job to plan, design, lead, and execute technical solutions and improvements based on Microsoft technologies. I help find and improve code weaknesses and technical debt. I also mentor and coach other software developers in specific technologies (REST APIs, CMS, microservices), languages (.net, Javascript, SQL) and platforms (Sitecore), through workshops, pair programming or code reviews. I also help team members to develop their soft skills, like leadership or conflict management.

Junior, Senior software developer

1999 - 2014.08

Consultant, Milan, Italy

During my whole career as a software engineer I:
  • Designed, implemented, tested and managed software programs (web and client-server applications).
  • I specialized in Microsoft technologies including (but not limiting to) Visual Studio, .net framework, SQL Server, entity Framework, ASP.net, ASP MVC
  • Learned a few non-microsoft technologies and frameworks such as C, C++, PHP, Javascript (ES), HTML, JQuery, NHibernate, Oracle DBs and tools, MySql Database.
  • Tried to always improve my code, studying the best partterns and practices
  • Worked closely with other developers, UX designers, business and systems analysts, trying to learn as much as possible from them


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